On Getting It Written

On Getting the Darn Thing Written:

Since I’m in school, I usually dedicate my summer to writing my novels. During the school years I get so many ideas, usually I do a lot of planning and I figure out which ideas I want to pursue over the summer. About mid-way through May I usually give into the desire to write, and just start. I do write sections of things during the year (I usually end up dropping them at about 20K though because they suck).

Point: There’s something that works for everyone. Don’t put a time limit on yourself – instead set a goal. I said, before school starts, I want to finish. Make a daily goal: a chapter, for me. (My chapters were 2,500-4,000 words for an idea) An important part of writing is finding a time during the day you can get totally into your head NOT AT THE WRITING PLACE. For me, it’s during my workouts (I swim) because I just go. I swim 400 yards and only think about one character. I ironed out a lot of kinks doing this. For example – why does the main character like socks with holes? What about the socks makes her feel peaceful? How could this affect the story? That sort of thing. Many times it takes a while – don’t get frustrated! For one of my characters I literally sat down and brainstormed what her conflict would be. I still don’t know if it’s right.


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