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FAQ About Publishing

Who is literary agent and who is your publisher?

I’ve only been published in an anthology and that book was published by Badgerdog Literary Publishing Inc. which is a publishing company based out of Austin. I do not yet have a literary agent, but I hope that once I’ve of sorted through my WIPs I can start agent querying. This is slightly terrifying but also exciting! And it’s the first step in getting published after actually writing the novel, so it’s kind of a big deal. Literary agents = very awesome!

Where can I buy Emerge?

You can buy it here for just $10! You should buy it. 😉

What’s your opinion on teens being published?

Alexandra Adornetto published her first novel when she was 14! I mean, it certainly happens. Like everything, there are good things and bad things to publishing a novel as a teenager. Now what I don’t like is parents who pay for their teenagers to self publish a book. What do you think?

I want to be published and have written a really great novel, will you critique it for me?

Sure! I can’t promise I’ll do a great job, but I’d love to try. Plus, I am often looking for critique partners and beta readers, so it could go vise-versa as well. You can send me an email at willablaisesmith@gmail.com. Visit my “Contact” page for more info! 🙂

Is it possible to be published without having an agent?

I am! In terms of novels, I’d say it’s difficult, although John Green did sell Looking for Alaska without a literary agent. (he later got one) So you can, but a lot of publishers don’t even accept submissions that aren’t directly from an agent. Hope that helps!

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