Short Bio

Willa B. Smith, born and raised in Texas, spends her days going to school, reading, writing, blogging, swimming, and taming her curly blonde hair. Willa currently resides in Austin, Texas and dreams of someday living in New York City among honking vehicles, bustling people, and tall buildings.

The Long (but not nearly long enough), in Detail Version
I’m Willa.  How lovely to meet you.

I’m a teen, and proud of it. I write novels in my spare time, along with reading too much, too fast, and playing music, which is something that has been there my whole life. I blog too, mostly about books, and other bookish things happening in my life, and you can check that page out here.

My love and addiction to the written word started long before I even knew my alphabet. I would scribble nonsense into a journal, filling each and every page with a language only I knew. My mother still has that journal, and every single one that followed it. When I learned to read, I read all the time. I still read everything I can get my hands on, and love every single moment I get to spend with a good book in my hands.

When I was in elementary school, I and every other girl in my class, decided they wanted to be a princess. Then a singer. Then an actress. (I was actually kind-of serious about that one.) Then, in about fourth grade, I started a book. I called it Passion, and I had no clue what it was going to be about, who the characters were, what the point of it was, but I wrote a darn good introduction that my mom shared with all her friends.

Unfortunately, Passion got shelved (if you don’t speak author-shelved means I stopped working on it), and after that came many more shelved novels, but I learned something new with each undertaking. I learned how conversation was built long before they taught it to us in English class, and what first and third person were without actually knowing what they were called.

Ms. Langley was my seventh grade English teacher, and amazing role model. She pushed me to write whatever I wanted, and unlike previous teachers, make it as long as I darn well pleased. She talked to me about books, writing, and answered whatever questions I had. She still is one of the people I credit with being an inspiration for me to write, and a constant cheerleader. Following Ms. Langley came many other inspirational people who’ve been kind enough to support my writing.

I’m currently working on a few WIPs and will hopefully be able to make my manuscript at some point. Then, once I’m ready, I’ll query and hopefully (cross my fingers!) get an agent! I was optioned for e- publication in October 2011, but I declined this request due to the fact that I would like to get published the traditional way. I would LOVE to write YA for teens! That is my total dream job. For now though, my job is to finish high school and then get shipped off to college, hopefully continuing my passion for reading and writing along the way.

Lastly… I write. A lot. I also read, equally as much. Thank you for visiting this website, and I hope I inspire you to go read a good book. And maybe write one too.


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